What is Neuroforma for rehabilitation centres?

Neuroforma for centres is an innovative device for exercising motor and cognitive functions created by neurorehabilitation and neuropsychology experts. It’s designed for those rehabilitation centres which want to gain:

  • time and convenience,
  • more satisfied and committed patients,
  • better therapeutic results.



Neuroforma uses virtual reality technology and motion capture in 2D and 3D, proved to be useful in neurorehabilitation by scientific research.

Neuroforma provides you a modern tool with biofeedback elements, which will make your work more effective and which your patients will appreciate!


What do you gain by ordering Neuroforma for rehabilitation centres?


oprogramowanie.png Convenient, mobile station including a big screen, computer system and 3D technology optical system

ikonki_oferta_2.png Unlimited access to motor-cognitive exercises and modules: practice sessions, mirror therapy, parameter adjustment, user base, posture correction, and video instructions

wdrozenie.png Neuroforma implementation along with operational training for your employees

aktualizacje_2.png Free updates of at least 5 modules for 12 months after purchase

wsparcie-techniczne_2.png Full technical support for 12 months after purchase

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Who is it for?

Stanowisko Neuroformy

The Neuroforma station package is intended for rehabilitation centres and other institutions working with patients in therapy rooms, where a comprehensive, precise and easy to use tool is needed.

Neuroforma is designed for patients with neurological diseases and injuries. In particular, they support the rehabilitation of patients with multiple sclerosis and those recovering from brain strokes and brain injuries.

Stanowisko Neuroformy - korzystanie na wózku Neuroforma is suitable for exercising in both standing and sitting positions. It can therefore also be used for work-outs with patients in wheelchairs.

The broad range of exercise configurations allows experienced therapists to also use the program to work with other patients requiring motor or cognitive function enhancement.

What is its value?

oprogramowanie.png Neuroforma is a little tool with great possibilities that will enrich your practice and improve its competetiveness.

wiele-narzedzi.png You’ll gain many tools in one. The versatile exercises are easily modified and adapted to fit the needs and abilities of patients with different dysfunctions.

nowoczesnosc.png Your therapy room will become more high-tech. Your patients will like working with Neuroforma thanks to the inviting exercise formats, their versatility, elements of competition and verification of results.

wygoda.png You’ll gain time and convenience. Neuroforma is an automated station, where — after starting an appropriate exercise — patients can work on their own. The posture correction module will guarantee that exercises are performed correctly.

aktualizacje_2.png You will get free updates with new exercises and features for the first 12 months.

What's available now?

Neuroforma station

Neuroforma is a little station with great possibilities!

stojak_480x640_left.png Neuroforma is a convenient device consisting of a big screen, computer system, and 3D optical system which enables precise observation of patients’ activity.

The device is sturdy and easy to use. You can easily move it and adjust its parameters to your patients’ needs.

The whole station requires only 6 square metres of space to perform the exercises.


Motor-cognitive exercise base

Versatile exercises for different patients are placed at your disposal.

To use Neuroforma, patients stand or sit in front of the screen where they can see their image along with virtual objects displayed around them. Patients’ tasks involve directing their image to catch, move, strike, eliminate or avoid objects appearing on the screen.

Thanks to the virtual reality technology used, patients get instant feedback regarding exercise performance (biofeedback). The interactive nature of the exercises combined with their interesting and diverse forms motivates your patients to methodical work with the program.

Neuroforma - baza ćwiczeń ruchowo - poznawczych do neurorehabilitacji. Neuroforma exercises mostly involve patients’ arms. To be able to exercise with Neuroforma, the patient needs to have at least one arm working to some extent.

Neuroforma contains exercises engaging cognitive and motor functions simultaneously thanks to the dual task paradigm used.

Exercises emphasising motor functions are designed to improve:

  • movement precision,
  • visual-motor coordination,
  • joint mobility,
  • upper limbs and spine muscles strength and endurance.

Exercises directed at cognitive functions enhancement additionally include tasks developing (among others):

  • perception processes,
  • decision making processes,
  • attention,
  • memory.

The whole program is completed with breathing and relaxation exercises.

Using Neuroforma, you have 14 exercises at your disposal, a number which is continuously growing. Most of the exercises contain 10 difficulty levels and 4 to 10 range of movement settings which allow you to adapt the exercise to patients’ abilities. All in all there are over one hundred combinations!


Exercise session module

Create varied exercise modules yourself.

session_editor.png Hundreds of configurations will allow you to adapt Neuroforma to your patients’ needs, plan therapies for particular patients and verify their effects. 

The diversity of sessions will make exercising with Neuroforma an enjoyable and engaging activity for your patients.


Mirror therapy module

With Neuroforma you can employ mirror therapy procedures in an unprecedented way.

Neuroforma - moduł terapii lustrzanej. Neuroforma provides a separate exercise module in which - thanks to the innovative 3D technologies - a traditional mirror has been replaced with a camera and a screen. Hemiplegic patients using the module see themselves on the screen making fully symmetrical moves with both arms.

Neuroforma mirror therapy module gives patients freedom of movement unattainable with the traditional approach, and gives a very real impression of images perceived on the screen.


Exercise parameter adjustment module

Use ready-made exercises or modify them in accordance with your patients’ needs.

screen_parameters.png Neuroforma exercises are designed in a way which allows you to work with patients who have very little range of movement in one or both arms. Before starting a ready-made exercise, choose the difficulty level, number of repetitions and range of movement required.

You can easily change these settings any time you want.


Patient base module

Collect session data and observe your patients’ results.

With Neuroforma you can add any number of patients to the data base. You can see every patient’s data that has been recorded during their sessions, including:

  • history of past exercises,
  • results achieved,
  • trends observable over longer periods of time.

It’s easy to set the next session - based on the information from the previous sessions the program will suggest appropriate configuration parameters.


Three-dimensional posture correction module

Neuroforma ensures your patients exercise correctly.

The patient’s posture is very important, both at the start of and during the exercises. The 3D posture module effectively addresses this problem by using cutting edge three-dimensional picture analysis technology.


Prior to and during an exercise patients will receive instant feedback:

  • if they stand in the wrong spot,
  • if their posture suggests they are using compensation,
  • or if they do the exercise incorrectly.

Neuroforma can automatically detect all of these undesirable situations.


Multimedia instruction module

Neuroforma gives patients clear and easily comprehensible instructions how to perform exercises.

screen_operations.png Prior to each exercise patients are shown an instructional video showing:

  • the aim of the exercise,
  • the initial posture,
  • the way of performing the exercise,
  • and the motor and cognitive functions being improved.

During the exercise patients will also hear instant feedback regarding their performance.


Thanks to the multimedia instructions module in Neuroforma, your patients can exercise unassisted while the risk of them exercising incorrectly is minimized.

Start telerehabilitation with Neuroforma - watch how it works

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