Comprehensive system designed in the hybrid rehabilitation model

Enables continuous exercise – in the facility and at home, and the provision of telerehabilitation services.

For whom?

Neuroforma supports the systematic rehabilitation of a wide group of people!
  • neurological rehabilitation
  • neuropsychological rehabilitation
  • kinesiotherapy
  • geriatrics
  • post-traumatic rehabilitation
  • support for the development of children with disabilities
  • health-promoting and preventive actions
Motor functions improved
  • joint mobility
  • strength and endurance of muscles
  • visual-motor coordination
  • synchronisation and motion control
  • reaction speed
  • coordination of anti-sided movements
  • balance training
  • load distribution
Cognitive functions improved
  • attention
  • inhibition of reflex reactions
  • memory
  • using knowledge
  • visual perception
  • solving problems
  • counting and reading
  • decision making
Illustrative map of Neuroforma system users

TeleNeuroforma is based on 8 years of experience

The exercises used in Neuroforma have already proven themselves in stationary rehabilitation. Hundreds of facilities use the Neuroforma PRO station every day, and thousands of patients have already tried the first home version of Neuroforma.

Many of them have been exercising regularly for years. The new version of the TeleNeuroforma has been improved based on:

  • the experience from the market,
  • close cooperation with experts in the field of rehabilitation and neuropsychology and users,
  • knowledge and conclusions from clinical trials and R&D projects.

We always focus on the needs of our users. We want as many people as possible who need specialist rehabilitation every day to have a chance to recover faster with Neuroforma.

Neuroforma is a proven and effective system for comprehensive rehabilitation

more than
more than
10 K
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50 K
Hours of rehabilitation
more than
50 mln.

The effectiveness of TeleNeuroforma confirmed in clinical trials

The effectiveness of exercises with TeleNeuroforma was examined as part of a grant from the National Center for Research and Development (“Clinical TeleNeuroforma – clinically verified home rehabilitation system for people with selected neurological diseases”).

The studies involved 111 patients from 3 groups of medical conditions. Improvements in motor and cognitive functions were observed in all three groups after just 6 weeks of exercise. Added value was a decrease in symptoms of depression. The use of TeleNeuroforma was engaging and motivating for patients, as confirmed by the very high rate of regularity. Patients exercised on average at 87 % days, which covered the study.

The project was carried out by a consortium composed of: Titanis Sp z o.o., Institute of Psychiatry and Neurology, Institute of Experimental and Clinical Medicine of the Polish Academy of Sciences, Polish Society of Multiple Sclerosis, Polish Huntington’s Disease Association, Association of Families with Cerebellar Myeloma.

Neuroforma - clinically tested program for rehabilitation

Neuroforma changes not only the way of providing rehabilitation but also the quality of life.

Find out what patients write about Neuroforma.


I have ordered the Neuroforma program for my mother, who has multiple sclerosis. She has never used any computer program before, so I was happy with the trial version. It turned out that my mother is very good with the program, she exercises willingly and probably that’s why she is systematic. She starts the program on her own, although she has never used a computer before.

Exercises adapted to the degree of disability make you satisfied with the performance and improve your fitness for the better. Mum is happy to talk about the improvement, which the programme presents in the form of graphs. The graphic design is clear, legible and very easy to use, and at the same time there are a lot of possibilities to adjust the exercises yourself. We have been using Neuroforma for four months. Mum is satisfied with the exercises and I am satisfied with the improvement of her physical and mental health. The Neuroforma program is an ideal solution for people who require rehabilitation and at the same time have problems with reaching the appropriate rehabilitation units.



For me, a day without Neuroforma is a day lost. Exercises are very attractive, and during them I can see how my hand muscles are strengthening.

After a month of exercise, I have noticed big changes. And this is what motivates me to exercise every day. After a session of about 80 minutes I am very physically tired, but very satified. When I get tired during the exercises, this is how I set my sessions – I added breathing exercises after physically exhausting ones. For the last ones I chose the most pleasant ones, i.e., spillikins, numbers, marbles, etc., The possibility to exercise at home is very important to me. Neuroforma leads me through the sessions I have set up. I know my possibilities and I decide on the number of repetitions and the level of exercise. Neuroforma allows me to check the results achieved after the session and this also motivates me to exercise regularly. I thank Neuroforma for such a program.



Finally, there is a program to facilitate rehabilitation at home. Neuroforma is a great innovative program for rehabilitation for people with disabilities, after injuries, those in need of fitness improvement and those bored with traditional exercises.

Everyone can choose their own, suitable set of exercises and modify it at any time. I exercise when it suits me, I can stop the exercises if something or someone interferes and finish when I am free. I have never been systematic in my exercises. Neuroforma cannot be deceived. Every time I turn it on, it tells me when I last practised, and when I finish, how long I practised and with what effect. There is no question of boredom, because if I do a given exercise very well, the difficulty increases. I exercise and play at the same time, because the exercises resemble computer games in which you lose your health points or go to a higher level. After each exercise, the program informs me what level I am at and the level of correctness of the exercise. You can always count on the help of Consultants, who immediately respond to every e-mail or phone call.



Exercises in Neuroforma for people who want to exercise on their own at home to support rehabilitation are prepared in an attractive and interesting form, which encourages them to perform regular exercises.

The ability to adjust the type of exercises and the number of repetitions also encourages to exercise with Neuroforma. A perceptible improvement in fitness increases the motivation to exercise regularly. Neuroforma is a support of rehabilitation at home, which is very important for me, because in multiple sclerosis, every activity is very important to keep the motor and intellectual fitness for as long as possible. It is about maintaining self-sufficiency, independence from other people for as long as possible and the possibility of working for as long as possible. So far, I have managed to do this and I hope that when practising with Neuroform, I will be able to do so for as long as possible. I hope that the Neuroforma team will continue to take such good care of their patients as before and will not lack motivation for further work.



Thank you for Neuroforma. I have been practising for a month now and it is not bad. This means that it is good enough and it fills me with some optimism. A certain light in the tunnel. I needed it very much. I am going to practise regularly and I hope I will not get worse. So, once again, thank you to all those who have contributed to this program.



I have multiple sclerosis, I have problems with visual-motor coordination, balance, sometimes speaking and various contractures and numbness. I have been practising with Neuroforma for about six months. I warmly greet all current and potential users and encourage them to use. It is worth it!

I found the program by accident on the Internet. It interested me because it created the possibility of regular home rehabilitation at any time of the day. And it reminds me to exercise, which is important (without it it is easy to forget). This way it encourages to regularity. It is not easy to ignore. Exercises are interesting, some are similar to each other (e.g. boxing and machine), some are more original (spillikins). The track, butterfly, paths and football are important. Exercises related to intellectual skills and their training (numbers, actions and syllables) are interesting and, in my opinion, very important, as well as marbles. Manual and breathing exercises are good and important.



I am very pleased with the exercises with Neuroforma and that I can do them at home. The exercises are interesting, attractive, they help to concentrate and motivate you to work regularly. I like the fact that exercises are becoming more and more difficult. Going through successive stages gives me a lot of satisfaction.



At present, there is no day when I would not use Neuroforma. I see this as my duty. I am very pleased with the rehabilitation that Neuroforma gives me, and I recommend it to all those who have similar problems, because this is a very good chance of improving their health. I recommend it, it is really worth it!

I have been using Neuroforma for four months. For the first time I have met with this form of rehabilitation during a stay in the centre, where a physiotherapist introduced me to the basic scope of this program. It was difficult at first, but with his support, I wanted to practice as much as possible and then have it at home. Now that I have this program, I practice every day, and it gives me great pleasure. Despite the fatigue I feel great satisfaction when I feel that my upper body is in much better shape. Each exercise gives me the maximum number of points, which further mobilizes me to work and build up my fitness, and then the effect is getting better.



Exercises in Neuroforma are simple, understandable and yet attractive. They encourage me to continue exercising. I like practicing with Neuroforma. I enjoy finding time to exercise during the day.

Neuroforma increases my motivation to exercise. After less than three months I see the first effects, which motivates me even more. In addition, the program reminds me about the exercises every day. The possibility to exercise at home is very important for me. I like peace and quiet. It saves me time and allows me to exercise at any time of day. The exercises are tailored to my needs. In my case, they allow me to exercise visual-motor coordination, concentration and memory. The Neuroforma leads through the sessions, and the instructions given by the program are simple and make it easier exercise.



I consider the exercises in Neuroforma to be in line with my abilities, they are well-fitting, I am happy to exercise. The most important factor for me is that I can exercise at home.

The program does not require any super specialised equipment, works well and I am fully satisfied. Even if I am not able to do an exercise, it is adjusted. I would also like to mention that I consider the contact with the creators and members of the whole Neuroforma team to be ideal and professional. May there be more such programs and support for people who have movement problems and more.



I have been practising with Neuroforma for over six months. I really like the variety of exercises and the fact that the tasks do not only focus on the mental side, but also on the physical side. Some exercises look like good fun, and the satisfaction with achieving higher and higher levels encourages you to work with the program more often.

I like the fact that I can set myself the time when I exercise and the time I spend with the program. In Neuroforma I appreciate the fact that I can stop and rest at any time and then resume the program and continue the exercise after a while. I recommend Neuroforma to anyone who wants to improve their mind and motor coordination in an interesting way.



During several weeks of exercises with Neuroforma, my fitness has improved significantly and noticeably – there is probably no better recommendation!

The Neuroforma program is a wonderful complement to rehabilitation. Easy operation practically eliminates the barriers which could be encountered by the user – almost all you have to do is start the computer and then the program itself. This range of activities can be handled by almost everyone, which is important, because the exercised in the program should be a challenge, not the program operation. Having such an automatic trainer is much easier to get motivated – the program evaluates us for the actual progress and achievements and rewards us, constantly raising the difficulty level. However, it does this intelligently, so I am not discouraged, because I know that properly selected exercises and their intensity effectively accelerate my return to fitness.



In my opinion, Neuroforma is a motivation system that encourages exercise and regularity. Exercises have difficulty levels that allow for adapting to the fitness of the user.

In Neuroforma you can find different types of challenges that allow you to exercise specific body parts/brain areas. Exercises have a clear and simple tutorial that allows you to concentrate on the task. The possibility to exercise at home is a revolution in rehabilitation – it allows you to work with Neurofoma on practically every computer. Additional advantages are the aesthetic design and music allowing you to relax.



I have to say that the exercise reminders on the screen are very motivating for everyday exercise and encourage me when I am not motivated. Exercises are a pleasure and they are varied.



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