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What is Neuroforma PRO?

Multipurpose station

Neuroforma PRO is an innovative and interactive station for rehabilitation of motor-cognitive functions and balance control. Created by experts in the field of rehabilitation and neuropsychology.

Optimization of specialists' work

It is an excellent tool for modern medical facilities. Neuroforma PRO complements and optimizes the work of specialists and increases the effectiveness of therapy.

Progress analysis

Contains a progress analysis module and a variety of interactive exercise modules using augmented reality technology and biofeedback.

Hybrid rehabilitation

Neuroforma PRO with TeleNeuroforma is a unique combination of stationary and remote rehabilitation, enabling the continuity of rehabilitation.

Neuroforma PRO is a solution for:

  • hospitals
  • rehabilitation centres
  • nursing homes
  • other institutions and entities carrying out therapy, rehabilitation or health promotion and disease prevention, especially for elderly people

For whom?

Neuroforma supports the systematic rehabilitation of a wide range of users!
  • neurological rehabilitation
  • neuropsychological rehabilitation
  • kinesiotherapy
  • geriatrics
  • post-traumatic rehabilitation
  • supporting the development of children with disabilities
  • health promotion and disease prevention
Improving motor functions
  • joint mobility
  • muscle strength and endurance
  • visual-motor coordination
  • synchronisation and motion control
  • reaction speed
  • bilateral coordination
  • balance training
  • load distribution
Improving cognitive functions
  • attention
  • inhibition of reflex reactions
  • memory
  • using knowledge
  • visual perception
  • solving problems
  • counting and reading
  • decision making

What do you get in Neuroforma PRO?

Neuroforma PRO
Neuroforma is a small station with great possibilities!

Neuroforma PRO is a device for rehabilitation with biofeedback. It consists of:

  • large display,
  • computer system,
  • 3D optical system for precise observation of patients’ activity.

The whole is enclosed in a convenient mobile housing that protects the hardware elements from direct contact with users. The stand takes up little space, is solid and easy to use. You can move it freely and adjust its parameters to the needs of your patients.

Neuroforma PRO combines hand rehabilitation, biofeedback and cognitive therapy equipment, a mirror therapy system and a balance exercise platform (optional module) in one convenient stand.

Base of motor-cognitive exercises
Use a variety of exercises for different patient groups

Neuroforma PRO is much more than just a modern hand rehabilitation equipment. The system includes a variety of exercises involving both motor and cognitive functions, thanks to the use of the dual-task paradigm. Exercises improve precision of movements, eye-hand coordination, joint mobility, muscle strength and endurance in the upper limbs and all parts of the spine. At the same time they develop  perception processes, decision-making processes, attention, memory. The exercise set is supplemented with breathing and relaxation exercises.

Thanks to the use of augmented reality technology, the patient receives immediate feedback on the correctness – biofeedback. Rehabilitation has an interactive and interesting form, which motivates the patient to work systematically.

Using Neuroforma, you have at your disposal a constantly expanding base of exercises, most of which contain 28 levels of difficulty and from 4 to 10 possibilities of adjusting the course of the exercise to the range of motion of a given patient. This adds up to a total of 280 combinations in a given practice module!

Training session module
Create dedicated rehabilitation programs

In Neuroforma PRO you can create individual exercise programs for your patients. Tasks that addres various areas and adjusting key parameters allows you to easily adapt the rehabilitation plan to the needs and capabilities of your patients.

The training session module will allow you to conveniently plan the therapy – the program will suggest an appropriate parameter configuration based on information from previous training sessions. Moreover, the variety of sessions will make exercises with Neuroforma PRO pleasant and engaging for your patients.

Feedback module
Collect session data and track your patients' results

Neuroforma PRO, besides exercises, gives you a feedback tool to show patients’ their achievements. Monitor the course of therapy and their fitness level the progress reports that are easy to read for both staff and patients.

Mirror therapy module
Apply mirror therapy in a unique form

Neuroforma PRO is a modern rehabilitation equipment that provides mirror therapy. With the innovative 3D technologies, the traditional mirror has been replaced with a camera and a monitor. Through advanced image analysis and transformation, the patient with a partial paresis sees his own mirror image on the screen, in which the affected limb moves symmetrically and to the same extent as the non-functional limb.

Neuroforma mirror therapy combines proven methods with modern technology. The Neuroforma PRO mirror therapy system will make the therapy of patients after stroke or brain injury simple, convenient, effective and at the same time pleasant for your patients.

Parameters adjustment module
Use ready-made exercise programs or modify them according to the needs of your patients

Neuroforma enables you to work with patients even when their range of motion is very limited. Using ready-made sets, before starting the exercise, you select the difficulty level, the number of repetitions and the range of motion.

You can easily modify these settings at any time. As the therapy progresses, Neuroforma PRO will automatically suggest the appropriate difficulty level to adjust the intensity and scope of tasks to the current capabilities of patients.

Patient database module
Add any number of patients

In Neuroforma PRO you can create an unlimited number of patient accounts. You can store dedicated training sessions, results and reports on exercises for each of them and return to this data at any time.

3D posture correction module
Take care of the correct posture and movements

To exercise effectively a patient needs to start in the right place and keep the correct position throughout the task. The 3D posture module addresses this problem by utilizing state-of-the-art 3D image analysis technology from a special camera.

Before and during the exercise, the patient will receive immediate feedback if:

  • he is standing in the wrong place,
  • his position indicates harmful compensation,
  • he is doing the exercise incorrectly.

Detection of all these unwanted situations is supported by an automatic 3D posture correction module.

Neuroforma PRO Balance Module *

The NeuroformaPRO Balance balance control module extends the station’s functions with interactive balance control exercises on a posturography platform.

* optional Neuroforma PRO module

Neuroforma PRO Balance to:

Various exercises
A variety of exercises with observation of the results and balance control parameters.

The exercises are intended for the rehabilitation of people with coordination and balance disorders of various etiologies, in particular in diseases related to central nervous system. They will also prove useful in the post-traumatic and orthopedic rehabilitation of children and adults.

Tasks on the posturographic platform with the visual feedback were designed in the dual-task paradigm.

Exercises aim not only to improve balance and prevent falls, but also to improve visual-motor coordination and cognitive functions.

Exercises are suitable for patients with various fitness – each of them includes as many as 28 levels of difficulty. Before an exercise, it is possible to set parameters that adjust the task to the individual needs of each patient.

The module also includes progress reports and tracking changes in basic balance parameters.

Hardware Kit
Hardware set consisting of a posturographic platform and a safety barrier.

The exercise platform is wireless to minimize the risk of falling. It can be used by people weighing up to 150 kg.

For the safety of patients, the balance control exercise module includes a safety barrier that protects the patient from all sides during exercises.

An additional advantage of the railing is the possibility of quick folding, which allows you to save space when the module is not used.

You will also receive a charger and replaceable batteries with the platform.

TeleNeuroforma module

Neuroforma Pro with telerehabilitation module
TeleNeuroforma is a platform enabling the provision of remote rehabilitation services and coordinating the therapy of patients exercising at home. You can use TeleNeuroforma from the Neuroforma PRO stand level or from any mobile device (e.g. a computer or telephone).
Neuroforma is a rehabilitation system prepared by rehabilitation experts to provide you with comprehensive support in your recovery.

For home exercises, patients only need a computer or tablet with a webcam and Internet access. Your patients don’t need to have proficient computer skills. The program is intuitive and easy to use.

Neuroforma PRO in combination with TeleNeuroforma is a set of tools that allows you to increase the range of activities and build a unique offer of comprehensive rehabilitation conducted in a continuous mode.

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Benefits of using Neuroforma PRO and TeleNeuroforma

  • optimal use of time and space
  • possibility to handle multiple patients simultaneously, both stationary and remotely at home
  • optimisation of rehabilitation costs
  • adding attractive, augmented reality exercises to the offer
  • real-time statistics and progress analysis
  • possibility of ensuring continuity of rehabilitation at home

With TeleNeuroforma, you will improve therapeutic results and gain satisfied and dedicated patients.

Experts' opinions

Neuroforma user recomendations
In the Department of Neurological Rehabilitation, approximately 30 patients were offered to work with the Neuroforma system.

In the opinion of these people the evaluation of the program was very high, the patients willingly participated in the classes. We fully express our positive opinion for the Neuroforma program.

Department of Neurological Rehabilitation Central Clinical Hospital of the MSWiA in Warsaw

Neuroforma is a proven and effective system for comprehensive rehabilitation

more than
more than
10 K
more than
50 K
Hours of rehabilitation
more than
50 mln.

In the Neurological Rehabilitation Department, approximately 30 patients were offered the chance to work with the Neuroforma system. They found the programme very helpful and were eager to participate in the training. Our opinion of the Neuroforma system could really not be more positive.

After being given the opportunity to test the Neuroforma program, we were amazed to find out how user-friendly and easy to use it was, while offering a variety of exercises in the field of spatial orientation, visual and motor coordination, and proprioceptive facilitation. Patients with short-term memory disorders and those with hemispatial neglect were also included. The program is suitable for patients to use it at home, while a very clear and intuitive menu makes it is that use really simple. Competition and reward mechanisms provide
an added incentive effect. There is yet another advantage: a feature that enables you to program selected sets of exercises in the memory, e.g. those that the patient likes most or those that are the most desirable. Data from the training session is automatically saved and analyzed, and then presented in the form of short and long-term reports. The program daily reminds the patient about the training session, which helps to keep the rehabilitation regularly performed.

Department of Neurological Rehabilitation
Central Clinical Hospital of MSW in Warsaw

I am not familiar with “non-scientific” organisations that would be as eager as the Titanis to take advantage of the latest scientific developments and try to apply research results to develop their products. Certainly, such actions increase the credibility and effectiveness of solutions offered by Titanis.

I had the opportunity to meet the Titanis company during an internship under the “Internship as a successful scientist” programme. (December 2013 to May 2014). I am not familiar with “non-scientific” organisations that would be as eager as the Titanis to take advantage of the latest scientific developments and try to apply research results (e.g. in the field of brain imaging, computer-brain interaction, etc.) to develop their products. Certainly, such actions increase the credibility and effectiveness of solutions offered by Titanis. Another advantage of the company is its experience in obtaining development funds and research grants. As a fairly young organization, it has a lot of projects and won competitions for funds, thanks to which it implements ambitious scientific projects and introduces innovative products to the market. This proves the great potential of the company. Personally, I am full of admiration for the company, its employees and achievements.

dr Dorota Kobylińska

Faculty of Psychology, University of Warsaw

Neuroforma was awarded the title of the “Innovative Polish Product” by the National Consultant for Physiotherapy, dr n. biol. Zbigniew Wroński.

The award was handed over to the representative of Titanis Sp. z o.o. on September 18, 2015 in Łódź. It means that Neuforoma, as a modern computer program that combines motor and cognitive exercises, is a leading innovative product in the field of physiotherapy in Poland.

dr n. biol. Zbigniew Wroński

National Consultant for Physiotherapy

Getting to know the editor of the exercises of the program allowed me to assess that the Neuroforma application is a valuable addition to the classic model of rehabilitation of sick people.

I met the co-creator of Neuroforma, Mateusz Kruszyński at a congress devoted to rehabilitation. We started our research plans related to the evaluation of the effects of the application of the programme with the European Union’s programme ‘Internship as a Successful Scientist’. Getting to know the editor of exercises of the programme allowed me to assess that the application of Neuroform is a valuable complement to the classic model of rehabilitation of patients. The ease of its application, the possibility to work on a classic PC, the possibility to create and evaluate rehabilitation programmes with the simultaneous provision of feedback to the exercising patient on the correctness of performed exercises enable effective supplementation of the standard rehabilitation programme.

dr n. med. Piotr Pietras

II Faculty of Medicine of the Warsaw Medical University

Neuroforma is a priceless addition to the motor rehabilitation of stroke patients and patients with cognitive impairment

It is also further very attractive as it offers a vast array of exercises and the option to choose tasks from a given category, allowing to simultaneously enhance cognitive functions and visual and motor coordination. Patients are eager to participate in the training, they try to beat their own record from previous training sessions, and they compete with each other too. There is a visible improvement in cognitive functions after implementing therapy with Neuroforma. Neuroforma is an effective tool in the therapy of patients with CNS damage. The program allows you to select difficulty levels and the required range of movement, so that you can work with patients with even poor motor capability. Constant monitoring of progress and on-going adjustment of exercises allow for adapting tasks to the patient’s current motor and cognitive capability, as well as developing and monitoring the achieved results. Neuroforma is greatly appreciated and it has become a permanent therapy component for our patients. Sometimes it virtually spurs rivalry between patients. Its another advantage is that the patient can practice himself at home, using the home version of Neuroforma. The program is truly worth recommending as an enjoyable support for motor and cognitive rehabilitation. Patients conveniently recover their lost functions, while real results give them satisfaction and motivate for further efforts. We are satisfied with the experience we had with the software, while its further modifications make it easier for us to work with patients on a daily basis.

Jarcewo Nursing Home
Care and Treatment Facility

The rehabilitation process for each patient should be intense and it should last until the function is recovered to the greatest degree possible, which is why we believe Neuroforma is a perfect supplement to, for example, occupational therapy in facilities working with neurological patients.

We would like to express our gratitude for the opportunity to use the NEUROFORMA program to support the rehabilitation of our patients. Last summer, the employees of our clinic tested the NEUROFORMA computer device when working with patients. The opinion of the clinic on implementing rehabilitation using the tested device is positive. Therapists working with the device indicate a variety of possibilities to use the NEUROFORMA program when working with patients with neurological diseases or who have suffered a neurological event. Firstly, the sitting position does not require toomuch involvement of the whole body, while focusing on the precision of movements and maximum concentration on the task at hand. Selected programs allow you to appropriately adjust the difficulty level individually for each patient. Rehabilitation using NEUROFORMA is perfectly suitable for the treatment of patients with MS, Parkinson’s disease and those who have suffered other type of nervous system damage. The programs are designed to improve manual capacity, elicit making precise movements and train cognitive functions.

Specialized Rehabilitation Clinic

The General Council of the Polish Society for Multiple Sclerosis is looking with great interest and hope at the work of Titanis team computer scientists who are preparing a computer program to support the rehabilitation of people with multiple sclerosis.

The Polish Multiple Sclerosis Society is pleased to provides patronage for this project. At the same time, we consent to the use of the PTSR logo by the Titanis team along with information about the patronage granted in places promoting the project (e.g. website, presentations etc.). For its part, the Polish Multiple Sclerosis Society undertakes to cooperate with the team within the scope of informing about the program through the PTSR websites. We are also ready to partner with the Titanis team in the case of creating projects and applying for grants that will allow for faster completion of work and making the program available to people suffering from multiple sclerosis.

The Polish Multiple Sclerosis Society

The Neuroforma system is a very good supplement to rehabilitation in the “TRATWA” Centre; it motivates children to train and helps to achieve the greatest comprehensive improvement effect possible.

Not only did the training with Neuroforma improve the strength and endurance of the muscles and the range of movement of joints of the upper limb and torso. When using it in my work, I have also observed progress in other motor aspects, such as: movement fluidity, movement precision, visual-motor coordination. Neuroforma not only is useful for developing the aforementioned motor functions, but it can also be used to develop cognitive functions, such as perception, attention and memory. Neuroforma allows you to constantly and accurately control the progress of particular patients, and children themselves are greatly rewarded by reaching a higher level after many attempts. During the training, all children are genuinely focused and interested in particular tasks.

Children’s and Young Adults’ Rehabilitation Centre in Steklinek

The inclusion of the Neuroforma program in our multi-profile rehabilitation package made the centre’s offer substantially more attractive, contributed to the improvement of the mental and motor condition of many patients, so that I can sincerely recommend cooperation with Titanis Sp. z o.o.

We have been using the Neuroforma program for the neurological rehabilitation of our patients for over a year. In my opinion, it is a truly excellent complement to the conventional therapeutic process that develops motor skills, coordination and stimulates cognitive processes. Due to a variety of exercises and the feature allowing for changing the parameters thereof and designing tasks it offers, so far we have implemented the program for the rehabilitation of approx. 60 patients of different ages and with various diseases, e.g. cerebral palsy, post-traumatic conditions, post-stroke conditions, genetic diseases, etc. Computer applications are greatly appreciated by our youngest patients, they motivate them to the training, so that they improve their abilities while simply having fun, which makes it far more effective. An additional advantage of Neuroforma is the feature that allows you to record results and track statistics. With it, you can monitor therapeutic progress, select the optimal training parameters and adapt them to the patient’s abilities.

Zabajka 2
Children's Rehabilitation Centre

Effectiveness of TeleNeuroforma was confirmed in clinical studies

The effectiveness of exercises with TeleNeuroforma was examined as part of a grant from the National Center for Research and Development (“Clinical TeleNeuroforma – clinically verified home rehabilitation system for people with selected neurological diseases”).

The studies involved 111 patients from 3 groups of medical conditions. Improvements in motor and cognitive functions were observed in all three groups after just 6 weeks of exercise. Added value was a decrease in symptoms of depression. The use of TeleNeuroforma was engaging and motivating for patients, as confirmed by the very high rate of regularity. Patients exercised on average at 87 % days, which covered the study.

The project was carried out by a consortium composed of: Titanis Sp z o.o., Institute of Psychiatry and Neurology, Institute of Experimental and Clinical Medicine of the Polish Academy of Sciences, Polish Society of Multiple Sclerosis, Polish Huntington’s Disease Association, Association of Families with Spinocerebellar Ataxia.

Neuroforma - clinically tested program for rehabilitation

They trusted us

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Neuroforma PRO
In the package you will receive:
Neuroforma PRO lifetime license
  • motor-cognitive exercises base
  • patient database module (no user limits)
  • exercise session module
  • Neuroforma PRO feedback module
  • mirror therapy module
  • exercise parameters adjustment module
  • posture correction in 3D module
  • multimedia instructions module
Neuroforma PRO Device
  • Neuroforma PRO mobile stand
  • computer
  • 3D optical system
  • 40-inch screen
  • necessary accessories
Neuroforma PRO Balance
In the package you will receive:
Neuroforma PRO lifetime license
  • balance control exercises base
  • exercises combining balance control and visual-motor coordination
  • Balance feedback module
  • exercise parameters adjustment module
  • multimedia instructions module
Neuroforma PRO Device
  • wireless posturographic platform
  • folded guardrail, reassuring the user from 4 sides
  • necessary accessories

To use the Balance module you need to have Neuroforma PRO!

In the package you will receive:
Neuroforma PRO lifetime license
  • possibility to run on the Neuroforma PRO device or on any mobile device
  • adding unlimited number of patient profiles
  • providing patients with a home exercise program (Neuroforma PLUS)
  • creating dedicated rehabilitation sessions based on available exercise modules or custom exercises added to the system
  • observing home users results
  • providing feedback and modifying exercise sessions